Paramiko not found issue in Ansible

        If you have landed here, you have some glitch in running your Ansible playbook. Here the solution for that. When you run your playbook in Ansible, you are getting the error message which says that “Paramiko module not found” or similar which obviously says that “There...

A day without Smart Phone!!! 0

A day without Smart Phone!!!

          I was thinking for a long time to avoid using smart phone at least for a day. But time forced me to do that. Yes. I forgot my phone while leaving to office and didn’t return to home to get it back. Let me see...


Control your PC using Twitter with Python

Hi Folks, Task: Execute system commands by sending Twitter direct message This time I have come up with another useful & interesting script. How about executing system commands from Twitter DM? That’s cool right? Twitter offers REST API to access the Twitter data. I have selected my favorite language Python....