Paramiko not found issue in Ansible

        If you have landed here, you have some glitch in running your Ansible playbook. Here the solution for that. When you run your playbook in Ansible, you are getting the error message which says that “Paramiko module not found” or similar which obviously says that “There is no module named Paramiko”. Paramiko is the SSH library which Ansible is using to connect to the inventory hosts through SSH. Now let’s check importing module inside Python shell to verify. What!!! It’s available there… Now the solution for this problem is.

Uninstall Paramiko using pip

Reinstall Paramiko using pip

Now you may face an issue in reinstalling paramiko with the error message of gcc compilation. To resolve that, follow the below steps and try reinstalling paramiko using pip.

Install the below packages to avoid gcc compile error.

Now installation of Paramiko should give you a smile and will work in  Ansible too…

Happy coding…

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