A day without Smart Phone!!!

          I was thinking for a long time to avoid using smart phone at least for a day. But time forced me to do that. Yes. I forgot my phone while leaving to office and didn’t return to home to get it back. Let me see how the day goes without my smart phone. Let me share it with you how the day passed.

        Morning reached office and something was running in my mind and that’s nothing but what you think. Even sometimes I just tried to get phone from my pocket. I thought that, what the hell I am doing? Did I get addicted to Gadgets? I have been used to get phone out of my pocket (seriously not sure why I took my phone) and unlock and do some random swipes and lock again. Am I the only person doing this? From when did I get used to do like this? I’m not sure on this. Now back to point. What’s the impact today without my phone?

  1. Didn’t search for my phone after a couple of facepalms.
  2. Didn’t take my mobile while in work. I used to do this always but my concentration won’t get miss.
  3. Spent the time in cafeteria with faces instead of Facebook.
  4. Didn’t get interrupted with unwanted shit of notifications.
  5. Missed reading random Twitter feeds and blogs.
  6. Felt much about texting to my lovable wife. Got addicted to texting her since we have started sharing thoughts on SMS. Can feel a lot more than voice call.

Overall it saved me handful of productive time but still I missed something. Am I a freak? May be I have got addicted to Gadgets. Not sure. Whatever it is, I should not forget my phone again… 🙂

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