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CasperJS Tutorial Part 3

CasperJS | Web Scrap Part 3 Hello Friends… As I told you in my earlier videos, I have prepared a script to fetch all friends names from Facebook and store it in notepad. This is just a small activity to show you what can we do with CasperJS. In my last video I...


CasperJS Tutorial Part 2

CasperJS | Web Scrap Part 2 Hello Friends.. As I promised in the previous tutorial, I am going to show you how to login to Facebook through CasperJS script. I think you aware of the basic skeleton of the program. Now we will login to Facebook manually first then analyse the page. 1....


CasperJS Tutorial Part 1

CasperJS | Web Scrap Today I am going to show you how to do web scraping using Phantomjs and casperjs in two videos… Yes only using two videos. First we are going to setup casperJS. CasperJS requires PhantomJS so obviously we have to setup PhantomJS too… Download these two packages from...