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PowerShell – WebScraping Part-1

Hi Folks, Today I thought to give some insight on how powerful the PowerShell is. I took webscraping as a task to do in PowerShell which I have already demonstrated in Python (Amazon Price Notification). If we analyse the Python script for webscraping, we have to install Python first(If Windows)...


Top CPU utilizing Processes using Windows PowerShell

Hi Friends, Today we are going to learn something new using the task of fetching top CPU utilizing processes in Windows using PowerShell. As the name suggests PowerShell is stronger enough to get whatever information you are seeing in UI. In that sense, Get-Process is the very simple command to...


How to get O365 user licenses in CSV?

Dear Friends, I am going to share how to fetch O365 users in csv using Powershell. I am able to hear your voice about we have a cmdlet Get-MsOlUser -All. Then why are you blabbering about fetching the users in csv ? I accept your point. Yes, there is a...